From The History Of Canadian Health&Care Mall

We’re doing this for real. We’ve been doing this for years.

It was in 2001, when we started our e-commerce project. At that time, there were just a few pharmaceutical companies offering mail-order services. We were among them. It was difficult. There were no ready-made technologies and websites for sale. The very idea of buying drugs on the Web seemed odd to people and we struggled not only with technical issues but also with distrust. Luckily, we have survived.

It was not only a desire to succeed that drove us. We loved the very idea of internet sales. We believed that it is the future of business. We looked for easy ways to connect manufacturers and consumers in fewer steps without creating heavy structures absorbing money of the customers. Before we have become Canadian Health&Care Mall – which is already a trusted brand – we changed our framework and created new websites a few times. It was a small private pharmacy on the outskirts of Toronto, where our team of 4 enthusiasts, including pharmacists and technicians, gave a start to our online business.

We delivered medications by mail on the home market only and our e-commerce was only a small part of our sales. But in 2006, when our Internet store had gained a foothold and, at the same time, we found that our brick-and-mortar business gave us more headache than profit, we decided on two things: to expand our business abroad and to get rid of the local pharmacy.

It took some time to reorganize our work, and the result was that from 2008 Canadian Health&Care Mall exists as an Internet platform only. Now we help you to find the best offers from our partners and deliver medications directly to your door. We have a team of pharmacists and logistic specialists working 5 days a week in office hours and 24-hour technical support. In 2015, two general physicians joined our pharmacy. We’ve made a good work selecting quality drugs and suppliers and developing logistics, and now we are proud to say that our online pharmacy runs like clockwork, serving our customers 24/7.

Saving Your Money Is Our Job

We understand that people go shopping on Internet in hope to save some money and our goal is to meet this expectation. We are an Internet business and we don’t make our customers pay our expenses for rent, storage, extended sales staff, cleaning services, and so on. Our website serves you, while we, real people working for Canadian Health&Care Mall, do the job of searching the best prices available on the market.

We are passionate about cost savings and we try to get maximum discounts from own partners based on the sales volumes that we can assure, thanks to our customers. That is why our prices often lower than when you buy directly from an online store in your country.

We also grant extra bonuses to our customers:

  • Welcome discounts
  • Сumulative discounts
  • Quantity discounts
  • Promo discounts on particular products
  • Promo packages
  • Free pills as a gift

We believe that when our customers save more, we can have more profit. It sounds strange but we have proven it is true: every year we have more customers, higher volumes and increased profit. And everyone wins!

What Else Makes Canadian Health&Care Special


Product quality

We sell drugs only from carefully selected trusted manufacturers. How do we know they are trusted? Our procedures of approval of suppliers and services include not only checking the validity of all the documents and certificates but also getting the samples for chemical analyzes.

Quality of technologies

How our website works is also quality. We do our best to make our online pharmacy easy to shop. You can’t find any bugs on our website – it is convenient and user-friendly. For registered customers we offer “Buy in one click service” and flexible system of discounts that are applied automatically.

Quality of logistics

Seamless logistics is our know-how. We have invested so much time and efforts to make it faultless that now every order reaches its customer by a unique and optimal way.


Safety of products goes together with their quality. If we have some doubts about the source where drugs come from, we prefer not to include this manufacturer or store to our search engine. To be our supplier is an honor.

Safety of payments and personal data. We secure all the payments and keep confidential client data, including credit card numbers, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, postal address, etc.. You are protected from stealing your money and from spam as well.


Responsible sales

We are mediators, which means, we, first of all, are committed to the interests of our customers. We have no purpose to promote particular brands and products and we are not interested to sell drugs from dubious sources. We will be the first who suffer in case of claims from our clients. That is why we always such responsible when choosing partners, as we were choosing medicine for our own family medicine cabinet.

Responsible claim processing

We are who take responsibility for missing or late delivery and we are who settle the unpleasant situation with our partners. In those rare cases, when we fail to deliver something, we return your money or compensate your loss with other medication if you wish.

If you have a claim on product quality, our quality assurance specialists will process it as soon as you provide us with all the necessary information.

Ethical Responsibility

We implemented an online consultation service to help you when you don’t know which medicine to choose, but, in some cases, we may reject to sell you some kinds of drugs if we think you are not a proper candidate for this treatment. It is our duty to take care of your health, and we cannot neglect it. You may be advised to see your doctor for examination.

Special Services At Canadian Health&Care Mall

As we mentioned above, you can consult our physician if you are uncertain which drug to buy or have some questions about your health condition. We have two qualified specialists who can answer your questions and prescribe treatment. In this case, you don’t need a prescription from your doctor. Alternatively, you can submit your prescription after completing your order.

Among the wide range of products we sell, we offer more than 30 different brands and suppliers of drugs for erectile dysfunction and other sexual disorders, as well as life style products (hair loss medications, nutrition supplements, etc.). We can give you professional advice and suggest the drug that is right for you.

We save your time and power

If you spend as much time as we do studying the market, evaluating pros and contras, reading about regulations, logistics and the last tendencies of the market, you also can find something interesting and, probably, but you waste your time and energy. Just leave all that to us. We know what to do, we know whom to trust, we can give you the best discounts you’ve ever seen and our caring service.

Yours Truly, Team of Canadian Health&Care Mall