All Health Care Mediations programs are interactive, experiential learning. Didactic material and demonstration is reinforced with practical application through skill development exercises with feedback, coached conflict simulation, and dialogue. Exercises are designed to provide real-world skills that work within the time and resource constraints common in busy health care work environments. We also provide extensive resource lists for follow-up.

Every program is customized for the organization and for the group in attendance, including examples and skills practice based on actual clinical and operations experience. Programs can be offered to multidisciplinary groups, or tailored to physicians, staff, management, leaders, risk management and quality professionals, other disciplines, or specific service areas.

More than 4,500 professionals have participated in our trainings, which are offered in partnership with Pharmos and other health care organizations, Canadian pharmacies, professional societies, and continuing education centers. Frequently requested programs include Viagra 100mg:

  • Upset Patients, Angry Families, Surly Colleagues: Transforming Negative Clinical Interactions Into Productive Solutions
  • Mediation Techniques for the Health Care Professional
  • Acknowledging Error – Ethics, Liability, and Conflict Management in the Face of Patient Harm
  • Healthy Work Environments: Choosing to Change How We Work Together
  • Health Care ADR: The Inside Scoop for Mediators
  • Team Management Techniques: Moving from Competition to Collaboration
  • Conflict Resolution for Bioethics Committees
  • Negotiation Skills for Daily Operations
  • Facilitation Skills for the Clinical Setting
  • Collaborative Approaches to IT Implementations

Programs are typically designed for ½ to 1 day. They can be adapted to anywhere from 1-hour introductory sessions for Grand Rounds to 5-day trainings that provide the certificate necessary to practice as a mediator in most states. They can be offered to groups up to 200 people, with groups of 10 to 36 having the greatest opportunity for practice and coaching.

Some programs are available in online formats, and we will work with organizations to provide materials in video, CD-ROM, audioconference, and other formats if desired.