Canadian Health&Care Mall provide confidential and highly skilled conflict management services to health care professionals and organizations internationally.

Core Values

The team of professionals providing services through Health Care Mediations, Inc. believes that:

  • The patient and family are the primary focus within the health care delivery system.
  • Through personal integrity and enhanced capacity, conflicts can be managed, which improves patient outcomes and conserves valuable organizational resources.
  • It is an ethical responsibility to develop solutions to complex problems that keep health care professionals from delivering good quality care.
  • Communication and collaboration are the keys to safe patient care.
  • Facilitative and transformative methods of conflict resolution are effective means for developing long-lasting solutions to intractable conflicts.
  • Managing conflict requires deliberate skill development and consistent practical application.
  • Incorporating complementary conflict resolution processes can create a healing environment that fosters workforce retention, decreased litigation, and increased patient satisfaction.

Service History

The professionals at Canadian Health Care Mediations, Inc. have been providing conflict management services in health care since 2001. With years of combined clinical, legal, and managerial expertise, our team provides neutral services, systems design, and effective training and coaching services for a broad range of clinicians and executives. Health Care Mediations professionals have provided mediation and facilitation to clients from large academic medical centers to single-practitioner medical practices.

We have provided retreat training and workshops for thousands of health care professionals with a focus on culture change, integrating merged departments, transitions in staffing, and skill development in conducting errors disclosure conversations with patients and their families. Health Care Mediations specializes in providing assistance with complex organizational conflicts and inter-group disputes that can create impasse within health systems, hospitals, clinics, and group practice environments.

All services are customized to meet your needs and all projects integrate the expertise and input of the members of your organization. Our services are confidential and provide a safe environment to discuss difficult or politically sensitive issues.

Health Care Mediations is led by Ginny Morrison, JD. Services are available throughout the U.S. and Canada as we draw on the talents of doctors, nurses, and attorneys experienced in conflict resolution and training. We also work collaboratively with a host of international companies to expand the expertise and resources we provide.

Ginny Morrison works with health care organizations and prison systems to make collaboration practical, improve patient safety, and advance culture change.

She applies conflict management principles to patient safety implementations, operational issues, clinical team and research disputes, unanticipated outcomes discussions, quality improvement efforts, and bioethics consultations. She publishes on these topics and addresses health care audiences internationally. She coaches and trains physicians, nurses, health care leaders, and mental health professionals in many forms of conflict management, and she leads interdisciplinary dialogues to improve understanding across interest groups. In doing so, she draws on her background as a professional stage and screen actress and musician.

Ms. Morrison has led workgroups affiliated with the alumni of the Harvard School of Public Health Healthcare Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Leadership Program, as well as the 2005 Patient Advocacy Summit. She is a founding advisor for Consumers Advancing Patient Safety and has longstanding affiliations with ethics committees and IRBs in academic medical centers and community hospitals.

Ms. Morrison is part of a Special Mastership overseeing the development and delivery of outpatient, intermediate care, and acute care mental health services in California ‘s prison system, the largest in the U.S. She sits as an arbitrator and an administrative hearing officer for several municipalities and the State Bar of California.

She has served on mediation and/or Special Master panels for the California Court of Appeals, First Appellate District; the Medicare program in California (Lumetra); and numerous Northern California courts and bar associations. She has also served on the national Executive Council of the Association for Conflict Resolution’s Health Care Section.

In prior practice, Ms. Morrison represented individual plaintiffs and defendants in federal and state court. Her practice included employment, health law, institutional conditions, and contractual matters

Collaborative Partnerships

We are works collaboratively with companies with complementary expertise. Services are available throughout the U.S. and Canada as we draw on the talents of doctors, nurses, attorneys, and other conflict resolution professionals. By combining with experts in training, mediation, negotiation, systems design, and related fields, we are able to provide a broad range of services to meet the diverse needs of health care organizations.

Collaborative Partners Include:

Deborah Acker, CNM, MSN, JD

Ms. Acker is an attorney specializing in conflict resolution and intellectual property. She formerly worked as a master’s-trained certified nurse midwife for 20 years in a variety of health care settings. In her role as a midwife, she organized and ran obstetric services in teaching hospitals for under-served patients. Now, Deborah serves as a mediator and trainer in health care settings, a mediator for disputes involving intellectual property, and a legal search consultant.

Brian P. Goldstein, MD, MBA, FACP

Dr. Goldstein is a health care mediator and Executive Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine and Chief of Staff of the University of North Carolina Hospitals. In these roles, Dr. Goldstein leads organizational efforts in performance improvement and patient safety; the application of information technology in clinical practice; hospital clinical regulatory compliance; graduate medical education; and managing hospital patient care capacity. Prior to joining the faculty at UNC, Dr. Goldstein served as Medical Director and consultant for multi-specialty physician group practices and for managed care organizations. Dr. Goldstein continues to practice General Internal Medicine at UNC Hospitals and in UNC’s ambulatory care offices.

Debra Gerardi, RN, MPH, JD

Ms. Gerardi is a mediator and health care dispute resolution consultant and Chair of the Program on Healthcare Collaboration and Conflict Resolution at the Werner Institute for Negotiation and Dispute Resolution at Creighton University.

Ms. Gerardi is a licensed critical care nurse with more than 15 years of clinical and administrative experience in academic health care organizations. Her healthcare background includes patient safety program design, management of surgical and medical intensive care units, administration of VIP medical/surgical services and of ambulatory health services. Her mediation experience includes complex multi-party disputes, organizational mediation, civic dialogue facilitation and community mediation. She has trained more than 5,000 professionals in conflict management, creativity, negotiation and communication skills

Phyllis Beck Kritek – courage

Phyllis Beck Kritek is an internationally known nurse scholar, speaker, and consultant on

  • conflict resolution
  • organizational development
  • gender and communication
  • leadership development
  • healing processes
  • nursing philosophy

Marshall Robson Group

Led by a physician-negotiator/mediator and a nurse/attorney/mediator, the Marshall Robson Group assists disputing parties through a creative, controlled, and principled method of relationship-building and problem-solving. The principal spheres of activity are:

  • conflict assessment
  • interest-based negotiation services
  • individual and group mediation
  • professional and personal coaching
  • team-building
  • organizational conflict management
  • conflict systems design
  • change management workshops
  • conflict management training

Werner Institute for Negotiation and Dispute Resolution

The Werner Institute’s Program on Healthcare Collaboration and Conflict Resolution is the first university-based program designed to integrate emerging healthcare issues with the practice of alternative dispute resolution. Its goal is to create education and research opportunities that advance the field of healthcare dispute resolution. Drawing from an inter-professional community of practitioners and educators, the Institute provides professional development programs, academic courses, clinical training, research, and dialogue, with a focus on improving communication, collaboration, and conflict management across the healthcare industry.

Healthcare Informatics Associates

Healthcare Informatics Associates, Inc (HIA) is a management and clinical systems consulting company, dedicated to the healthcare industry. It provides highly skilled expertise to healthcare systems, in order to efficiently implement and effectively utilize their automated systems. Services include:

  • CPOE
  • system selection and implementation
  • IT strategic planning
  • e-charting
  • work redesign

Galindo Consulting

Galindo Consulting believes the power to change an organization lies in the individual. Its vision is to develop responsibility and accountability so that each person discovers their individual source of effectiveness. This discovery enables the larger group to transform according to its desired objectives. Galindo Consulting has grown to become one of the country’s most trusted and respected consulting firms to healthcare leaders. It works through:

  • a reliable and proven cultural accountability assessment
  • seminars and retreats
  • executive and workforce coaching
  • keynote speaking
  • leadership development
  • keynote speaking