– dialogue: the art of thinking together
William Isaacs

As noted MIT researcher William Isaacs says, dialogue is a “way of taking the energy of our differences and channeling it toward something that has never been created before. It lifts us out of polarization and into a greater common sense, and is thereby a means for accessing the intelligence and coordinated power of groups.” Dialogue enables groups to put values into action and to take a deliberate, thoughtful approach to generating lasting change.

Dialogue, facilitated by Health Care Mediations, provides a structure for leaders, physicians, and staff to think through what matters most. Through discussion of carefully crafted questions, groups surface beliefs and assumptions that are the foundation for professional practice. Increasing awareness of conflicting assumptions allows individuals and groups to gain understanding of each other, to develop trust across disciplines, and to channel those differences toward common goals.

Our dialogue experience includes:

  • Why Doesn’t Anyone Want My Job? – a facilitated dialogue on nursing values and nurse management recruitment and retention issues for nurse leaders, future leaders, and nursing academics
  • Creative Conflict Management in Healthcare – an international dialogue on collaborative problem-solving and leadership, culture change, and community-building
  • Managing Conflict Ethically – a facilitated dialogue among bioethicists, lawyers, dispute resolution professionals, spiritual leaders, risk managers, and health care professionals interested in bioethics
  • Rediscovery Café- a facilitated inter-professional dialogue on developing healthy work environments that contribute to patient safety
  • Healthcare ADR Think Tank – a facilitated dialogue among dispute resolution professionals, legal scholars, and clinicians concerning dispute resolution applications for health care, ethical questions, and a collaborative approach to the field